Types of Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap films are available in a variety of types, materials, colours and gauges. It is a versatile packaging material that offers an optimized film type for virtually any packaging solution. Stretch wrap film can be produced in both blown and cast formats for hand and machine applications. 

Cast Stretch Film vs. Blown Stretch Film

Blown stretch film is produced by blowing heated resins into a bubble. The bubble is then transformed into sheets that a rolled and applied to a core tube. Cast films are manufactured by feeding heated resins through a line of cooled rollers. The rollers cool and solidify the film which is then cored and cut into the proper roll sizes.

Hand vs. Machine

The two types of stretch wrap that are used for packaging are hand applied stretch wrap and machine applied stretch wrap. Each type of film has been specifically engineered by the manufacturer for its application type. One of the key considerations when considering either a hand or machine applied stretch film is the volume of pallets that are going to be wrapped. If your volume is low, and your pallets are uniform you may find hand wrapping to be a more efficient process. Alternately if you have a high volume of pallets, heavy or awkward pallets or loads that require a stronger containment, a stretch wrapper and machine applied film may be a better fit.

Hand Film

When volumes, space or budget restrictions demand that stretch film is applied by hand, our experts get the right solution into your hands. Over the years changes to hand applied stretch film have revolutionized its use. Newly developed hand films offer easier to use, cost-effective alternatives to the classic hand film systems. From pre-stretched hand films to engineered lower gauges, today's solutions are cost-effective and operator focused. This has helped to get the productivity and security your application depends on. Whether you are shipping less than 5 or 10 loads daily or have multiple operators wrapping hundreds of loads, we have the solutions and products that will deliver your goods intact each and every time.

Machine Film

High-performance machine stretch films are designed to cover a broad range of machine applications. Our wide range of machine applied stretch films offer solutions for both semi-automatic stretch wrappers and fully automatic inline systems. Our lineup of cast and blown stretch films provide excellent load retention, puncture resistance and greater cost efficiencies compared to other competitive stretch films in the marketplace. We work with your business to develop a packaging platform that provides consistent protection for your products. By matching the right film to the right job, we limit the risk of damages during shipping and ensure every product shipped arrives in as made condition every time.

Source : Crawford Packaging