Goals & Policy


  • Increasing production through advance system upgrades meeting the latest technologies
  • Improving staff efficiency and effectiveness, to accelerate service delivery  and maintaining customer satisfaction
  • Innovation tailored to the request of the market 

Policy (Company Values) :

  • Maintaining and enhancing employee empowerment and efficiency
  • Maintaining and continuously increasing the stock and share of domestic and international markets
  • Creating the highest value with a continuous improvement approach to production-related processes
  • Improve product quality and productivity by looking at infrastructure development to achieve and reach zero waste
  • Increasing customer satisfaction to value the customer and providing loyal customers
  • Constructive interaction with the environmental organization to preserve the environment and regulating the use of resources
  • Creating a safe and secure work environment with an emphasis on maintaining employee health assurance
  • Compliance with all legal requirements and regulations
  • Full respect for individual and organizational discipline in all aspects